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A sea lion sealioning a conversation.

From the webcomic Wondermark, by David Malki .

Character 1: I don't mind most marine mammals. But sea lions? I could do without sea lions.
Character 2: Don't say that out loud!
Sea lion: Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear…
Character 2: Now you've done it!
Sea lion: I would like to have a civil conversation about your statement.
Sea lion: Would you mind showing me evidence of any negative thing any sea lion has ever done to you?
Character 1: GO AWAY!
Sea lion: There's no need to raise your voice, I'm right here.
Sea lion: I'm just curious if you have any sources to back up your opinion?
Character 1: You're IN MY HOUSE!
Sea lion: You made a statement in public for all to hear. Are you unable to defend the statements you make? Or simply unwilling to have a reasoned discussion?
Character 2 : Told you, dude. Sea lions.
Sea lion: I have been unfailingly polite, and you two have been nothing but rude.
Sea lion: Very well, we shall resume in an hour