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Compendium s

Documenting 21st century culture

The turn of the century came with a globalization of communication through the spread of the Internet, exposing many people to overwhelming amount of contents - some funny, some good, some sad, some bad.

In this new hyperconnected society, it has become hard to keep up to date with everything. This compendium aims to be a documentation for elements of 21st century culture, making them as accessible as possible to those who are "out of the loop" on specific topics.

You might be wondering what a compendium is, whether there is a deliberate political bias, who writes the content, which guidelines it follows, all those questions and more are answered in our mission statement.

All of the compendium's contents can be found on the list of all pages. Though maybe you would rather get started in your browsing by reading a randomly chosen page.

Latest updates

Ea-Nasir's poor quality copper

Page type: Meme
Published 56 days ago

The tale of a customer complaint as old as recorded history itself.

Easter Island syndrome

Page type: History
Published 85 days ago

A name given to civilizations that cause their own collapse. But is it justified, or a case of colonial history?


Page type: Definition
Published 110 days ago

Ruining a conversation by questioning relentlessly in bad faith under the pretense of trying to have a sincere and civil debate.

World is a fuck

Page type: Meme
Published 111 days ago

A shirt featuring a cute cat and an adorable dog. Surely, nothing strange could be written on it…

Bayeux tapestry

Page type: Meme
Published 129 days ago

When modern memes meet medieval art.


Page type: Definition
Published 131 days ago

Two letters, many meanings. Is it a conversation's original post, or something overpowered ?

13:37 troll

Page type: Meme
Published 150 days ago

A silly tradition of NoBleme's community.

Stochastic terrorism

Page type: Sociocultural
Published 150 days ago

When hate speech leads to violence.


Page type: Sociocultural
Published 169 days ago

A social justice movement which fights for women's rights in order to strive for equality with men.


Page type: Definition
Published 185 days ago

I'll add a summary for this page later.


Page type: Definition
Published 214 days ago

A person obsessed by something or someone to the point of being unable to see any of their flaws.

I can't believe you've done this

Page type: Meme
Published 214 days ago

The punchline is a punch, to which a man reacts a bit too calmly.


Page type: Definition
Published 215 days ago

Laughing My Ass Off.


Page type: Meme
Published 215 days ago

A picture of a snowy owl. Oh, really?


Page type: Definition
Published 282 days ago

Shut The Fuck Up, a rude way to tell someone off.

30-50 feral hogs

Page type: Meme
Published 282 days ago

A bad faith take on gun control turns into a meme… but does the bad take have some hidden merit?

The unexplainable picture

Page type: Meme
Published 283 days ago

A famous unexplainable picture. Unless…

Wall of text

Page type: Definition
Published 284 days ago

A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, or even virtually all Internet communities.


Page type: Meme
Published 296 days ago

An older meme in which an angry man shouts "NO U".

All your base are belong to us

Page type: Meme
Published 313 days ago

A bad video game translation led to one of the first cult Internet meme.