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Page type: Definition

Pages are each given a type in order to keep this compendium organized, more on this in the page type list.

21st century culture covers a wide variety of topics, aswell as a large amount of subcultures, some of which have their own vocabulary.

In order to help you understand this vocabulary, which is not always obvious, some pages in this compendium will be definitions. Unlike memes or sociocultural topics, these entries are written with a focus on being quick, clear, and straight to the point.

Content of this type


The combination of the first letter of several words, made to be pronounced out loud.


A fringe sexual act involving docking.


Sexual undertones or casual way to say anyway? Depends on your language.


The combination of the first letter of several words.


In Real Life, in the physical world.


Laughing My Ass Off.


Laughing Out Loud, expressing amusement.


French initialism meaning "dying of laughter", expressing amusement.


Not Safe For Work, content warning.


Oh My God, expressing surprise or anger.


Two letters, many meanings. Is it a conversation's original post, or something overpowered ?


I'll add a summary for this page later.


Rolling On the Floor Laughing.


Appeared: July 2014

Ruining a conversation by questioning relentlessly in bad faith under the pretense of trying to have a sincere and civil debate.


A person obsessed by something or someone to the point of being unable to see any of their flaws.


Shut The Fuck Up, a rude way to tell someone off.


A shadowy figure lurks behind a computer screen. Could it be…?

Wall of text

A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, or even virtually all Internet communities.


What The Fuck, expressing astonishment.