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As a part of its privacy policy, NoBleme will protect your anonymity as much as possible. This means that you will never be sent any emails that could be used to link you to your identity on the website, or asking you to provide your password. On top of that, automated password recovery systems can be used in a few nefarious ways that we would rather not have to deal with. With this context in mind, NoBleme decided to not implement an automated account recovery process.

If you have lost access to your account (forgotten username, forgotten password, or otherwise), the only way to recover that access is to go on NoBleme's NoBleme's IRC chat server and ask for a website administrator to manually reset your account's password. No need to worry about identity usurpation, there is a strict process in place that will allow the administrator to verify your identity before doing the resetting.




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ROFL is an initialism which means "Rolling On the Floor Laughing".

It is used to express extreme laughter, a notch above LOL.

Other letters are sometimes added to the end, such as ROFLMAO or ROFLCOPTER.

It can also be spelled ROTFL, but this alternate spelling is far less common than the main one.

The oldest written trace of this initialism is from a 1989 e-mail exchange between ham radio operators, in which a person used ROFL while telling someone else to RTFM if they want to know the meaning of RTFM.

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