Lost account access

As a part of its privacy policy, NoBleme will protect your anonymity as much as possible. This means that you will never be sent any emails that could be used to link you to your identity on the website, or asking you to provide your password. On top of that, automated password recovery systems can be used in a few nefarious ways that we would rather not have to deal with. With this context in mind, NoBleme decided to not implement an automated account recovery process.

If you have lost access to your account (forgotten username, forgotten password, or otherwise), the only way to recover that access is to go on NoBleme's NoBleme's IRC chat server and ask for a website administrator to manually reset your account's password. No need to worry about identity usurpation, there is a strict process in place that will allow the administrator to verify your identity before doing the resetting.



Privacy policy

Privacy is critical on NoBleme. If you've read the website's history, you might understand that we stand against the modern state of the Internet, where your personal data is collected, shared, and sometimes even sold without your knowledge on nearly all websites and mobile applications.

Privacy policies are usually deliberately obscure and complicated in order to force users to accept them without thinking about their consequences and implications. In order to prove how much privacy matters to us, we will do the exact opposite. This page will try to use the simplest vocabulary possible and to cover every privacy related question which you might have about NoBleme - including how to prove that we are telling the truth.

Your personal data

The most important part of online privacy is the fate of your personal data. NoBleme collects the strict minimum personal data required to properly run the website, which is not much. If you are curious about what we specifically collect about you, how long we keep it, why we need it, how we use it, where it is hosted, etc. we have a whole page of the website dedicated to it: your personal data.

In accordance with GDPR legislation, you are granted a "right to be forgotten". If, for any reason, at any given time, you feel like you want to disappear from NoBleme and have your personal data removed from the website, we have a form allowing you to opt out of NoBleme.

Guaranteed anonymity

On NoBleme, you have a right to remain fully anonymous. No element that links you to your private identity is required at any point of the account registration process. Any extra elements are optional, it is up to you whether you want to fill in or leave empty your public profile aswell as your e-mail address (which will never be shown publicly or shared).

However, stay aware that anonymity on the public Internet has its limits. It is not uncommon for websites to be asked to share some user information with law enforcement, in which case we would be obligated to share what little of your personal data we have. This means that while anonymity might protect you from other people knowing who you are, it does not protect you from the consequences of committing illegal activities.

Third parties

Everything on NoBleme is custom made and handcrafted with love, none of the website's features use any third party scripts or software. Most websites use third party services for advertisements, metrics, user tracking, but since we don't do any of those things we have no reason to share your personal data with any third parties. This is why you did not see the usual consent banner which you get on most other websites: we do not share your personal data, thus we don't need you to consent to having your data shared.

There is however one area of NoBleme which contains third party content. For the purpose of documenting Internet culture, the 21st century compendium embeds external content in some of its pages (YouTube videos and Google Trends graphs). In order to minimize the potential for these third parties to do something nefarious with your data, we try to use as few of them as possible.

Even though they do not get access to any user data (we do not share anything with them), these third party embeds might still include external scripts over which we have no control, and thus manage to gather some data about you in their own ways. If you're not comfortable with that risk, we give you the ability to disable all third party content on NoBleme.

User agreement

When registering an account on a website, you might be used to having to accept a very long user agreement. The lack of such a user agreement on NoBleme is a guarantee of privacy: it means that we have no legal rights to do anything with your personal data.

Do keep in mind though that user agreements are only used for legal disputes, and have no impact on the rules we apply when administrating the website - even if you did not expressedly accept it, you are still implicitly bound to respect NoBleme's short and simple code of conduct, and we have the right to exclude you from the website if you don't.

Further details about the legal implications of using NoBleme - for example, the intellectual property of any content you'd share on NoBleme - can be found in our legal notice.

Open sourced code

Understandably, you have no reason to believe any of the things listed above. This is why we've decided to publicly share NoBleme's entire source code. If you are tech savvy or know someone who is, feel free to dive in our source code, or even set up a local copy of NoBleme's source code on your computer, and verify all of our claims above.

You can read more about the decision to open NoBleme's source code behind the scenes.