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Bone hurting juice

Page type: Meme
Era: Dank memes
Category: Gallery
First appearance: June 2016
Peak popularity: April 2017

This image of a dog drinking bone hurting juice is actually not a Bone Hurting Juice.

What's in Bone Hurting Juice?

Bone Hurting Juice is the name given to a meme in which a piece of work gets modified in a way its original author did not intend, making a different story work within the same template.

Usually done on comics, most Bone Hurting Juices modify only text captions or speech bubbles, without altering the art.

Bone Hurting Juice is not the same as an antimeme, which are memes edited to remove their "joke". Quite the opposite, Bone Hurting Juice is an attempt to replace a joke with another one.

What's with the name?

The first popular Bone Hurting Juice was a Winnie the Pooh comic shared in 2016 on a social media group called "Fun Silly Drawings for Fun Silly People"[1]. Its speech bubbles were modified to tell the story of Pooh accidentally consuming a made up substance called "bone hurting juice", which caused his bones to hurt.

A year later, the trend of making Bone Hurting Juices became popular, and the name "Bone Hurting Juice" was adopted as a tribute to its oldest known ancestor, which you can see below:




Sources & Links

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