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Page type: Meme

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Around the turn of the century, the rising popularity of personal computing and of the Internet made it easier than ever before to create content and share it on a large scale. As a consequence, memes have become a central element of 21st century culture.

What is a meme?

According to memetics , a concept coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, the theory of evolution applies to more than just living species: any cultural element, when it is shared and reproduced by human beings, will eventually evolve or disappear, following the principles of natural selection .
The Cool S is an example of a widespread meme older than the Internet

With this in mind, a meme can be defined as anything which gets shared throughout society. It can be a symbol, a phrase, a picture, a video, or even just an idea. Regardless of its nature, every meme will follow a genetics-like pattern by changing appearance, being mixed with other memes, and often eventually being forgotten by most.

Memetics as a concept is not unanimously accepted in social sciences, but the word "meme" was chosen regardless as the name of those Internet phenomena which get shared everywhere (usually funny pictures or short videos).

How is the word meme pronounced?

It's pronounced "meem", not "me me" or "mime".

A brief history of Internet memes

This dancing baby gif is often considered the first widespread Internet meme
The first meme to spread through the Internet were emoticons. A man named Scott Fahlman decided that symbols could replace text when expressing emotions, and a simple :-) started replacing whole phrases such as "this is funny" or "this makes me happy".

As the Internet grew and attracted more users, it slowly started becoming the main place for memes to go viral. In the mid 1990s, an animated gif of a baby doing a cha-cha dance became the first Internet meme to make its way into the real world. As people kept talking about it and sharing it, this seemingly random gif became popular enough to be showcased in one of the biggest television shows of its era, giving its perplexed audience a first glimpse into the confusing world of Internet memes.

All your base are belong to us marks the birth of Internet memes as we know them
Towards the end of the 20th century, some Internet users found a poorly translated video game to be so funny that they turned it into a huge amount of parody images and video edits. For the first time, the genetic component of memetics was becoming obvious: not only was this meme spreading everywhere, but it was also being modified, crossed with other memes, seemingly evolving over time.

In the early 21st century, the Internet became more centralized. Huge websites appeared, allowing content to reach more people than ever before. Image and video editing tools became more widespread, making the creation of custom content accessible to everyone. These two factors allowed Internet memes to reach more and more people, until almost every Internet user eventually ended up knowing what a meme was.

Over time, memes have become the main way in which 21st century culture expresses itself. The evolution of meme culture over time is documented in this compendium, in the form of cultural eras.

Content of this type

13:37 troll

Appeared: 2006

A silly tradition of NoBleme's community.

30-50 feral hogs

Appeared: August 2019

A bad faith take on gun control turns into a meme… but does the bad take have some hidden merit?

4 strength 4 stam leather belt

Appeared: June 2007
Peak popularity: July 2007

The excited grunts of a happy gamer.


Appeared: September 2012
Peak popularity: May 2017

- What else would you have if you knew about Ah?
- Well, for a start, we'd have a shack.

All your base are belong to us

Appeared: May 1991
Peak popularity: February 2001

A bad video game translation led to one of the first cult Internet meme.

Bayeux tapestry

Appeared: May 2003
Peak popularity: 2004

When modern memes meet medieval art.

Bone hurting juice

Appeared: June 2016
Peak popularity: April 2017

Repurposing comics or memes to tell a different story with the same template.

Cool S

You've probably seen or even drawn this symbol before.


Appeared: April 2006

An indigestion in text form.

Dall-E generated memes

Appeared: January 2021
Peak popularity: June 2022

A computer program capable of generating funny images based on people's prompts causes a lot of creative hilarity.

Ea-Nasir's poor quality copper

Appeared: March 2021
Peak popularity: April 2023

The tale of a customer complaint as old as recorded history itself.


Appeared: April 2005
Peak popularity: May 2007

An absurd meme in which the letters "fgsfds" are added to a picture of someone raising a finger.

Hello, do you want to see my dick?

Appeared: January 2009

A crude phrase taken from a french TV investigation, in an unexpected context.

I can't believe you've done this

Appeared: October 2007

The punchline is a punch, to which a man reacts a bit too calmly.

Just cut a cube around it

Appeared: January 2007

How would one extract a vagina from its host body? The answer might surprise you.


Appeared: 2004
Peak popularity: 2008

Longcat is loooooooooooooooooooooong


Appeared: 2003
Peak popularity: May 2004

An older meme in which an angry man shouts "NO U".


Appeared: May 2005
Peak popularity: November 2005

A picture of a snowy owl. Oh, really?

The movement is too optimized at this point

Appeared: November 2017
Peak popularity: June 2018

A copypasta used in response to the ever increasing perfection of speedrunning.

The unexplainable picture

Appeared: 2004

A famous unexplainable picture. Unless…

Virgin, me?

Appeared: June 2020

A person's rather defensive reply to being called a virgin turned into a french copypasta.

World is a fuck

Appeared: July 2014
Peak popularity: July 2016

A shirt featuring a cute cat and an adorable dog. Surely, nothing strange could be written on it…