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4 strength 4 stam leather belt

Page type: Meme
Era: Internet centralization
First appearance: June 2007
Peak popularity: July 2007

Joe's grunts

The original recording.
Back in the the early days of World of Warcraft , a notorious troll known as VideoCompiler joined the voice communication tool of a group of World of Warcraft players and recorded them talking to each other as they were playing.

One of the people being recorded, Joe, eventually found an item in the game: a belt which gave bonuses to the stamina and strength of his character. Joe celebrated this find by shouting the following phrase:

Quote by Joe:

Oooooooh dude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt UUUUUHHHHH level 18 HRGGGGGUUHHH HGUUUUUHHH

VideoCompiler quickly assembled a few clips and remixes, then played them to the players. Some of them found it funny at first, but it quickly became a nuisance, and they ended up banning VideoCompiler, who then proceeded to make a video out of it. You can watch it below:

For a brief amount of time, a bunch of remixes of this voice clip floated around the Internet, though this remains a rather obscure meme which never reached much popularity.



Sources & Links

[1] Forest leather belt on WoW Wiki mentions this meme.

[2] Still a popular reference as of 2019 on Reddit.

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