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Cool S

Page type: Meme
Era: The before times
Categories: Mainstream memes ; Classic memes

A naturally spawning meme

The Cool S symbol

While most memes have a clear history, the Cool S, also known as the Universal S, Pointy S, Stussy S, and many other names, is a symbol which appears to have naturally spawned all over the world[1]. Extremely widespread, it is quite likely that most readers have not only seen but also drawn the cool S in their younger years.

Made of six parallel vertical lines, which are then transformed into the letter S by adding eight more lines, it is extremely simple to draw. Many people or communities claim to have invented this symbol, but its origin is unknown[2].

Unlike regular memes which come and go over time, the Cool S seems to be a permanent fixture, a facet of modern human culture. Given its peculiar nature, one might argue that the Cool S fits the original definition of a meme more than anything else in existence.


Sources & Links

[1] What the hell was that 'S' thing everyone drew in school? by Vice.

[2] The Universal S on YouTube, video essay by LEMMiNO which digs deep into the history of the symbol.

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