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Just cut a cube around it

Page type: Meme
Categories: Copypasta ; NoBleme
First appearance: January 2007

This page covers a topic which can be considered not safe for work

An old meme preserved in NoBleme's bog

January 2007. On NoBleme's forum, a conversation derailed, and two people ended up arguing about the hypothetical presence of insects in reproductive organs.

You'd think it was a shitposting exchange, but this conversation was somehow happening on a serious tone, and led to an inquiry on how one would preserve a vagina in order to study it, for scientific purposes. Don't ask.

Below is a pristine, unedited, authentic quote from this conversation. First in french, then translated in english:

Le vagin est avant tout fait d'une paroi avec des nerfs et un tas d'autres trucs.... suffit de découper un cube autour (comme on fait pour extraire un mammouth d'une tourbière ou de la glace) et on met le tout dans un bocal de taille adaptée de la forme que tu veux pour faire joli.

The vagina is first and foremost made of walls which have nerves and a lot of other things... just cut a cube around it (same way we extract a mammoth from a bog or from ice) and put the whole thing in a glass jar of the appropriate shape and size in order to make it look pretty.

Nothing is lost in translation, the quote looks as absurd in english as it does in french. So absurd in fact that it instantly became a local copypasta.

Unlike most of what happened in NoBleme's early years, this meme survived the test of time in a simplified version, as the phrase "just cut a cube around it" is sometimes still used as a humorous solution to serious questions or problems.

Sources & Links

[1] A famous mammoth cube , on Wikipedia.

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