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As a part of its privacy policy, NoBleme will protect your anonymity as much as possible. This means that you will never be sent any emails that could be used to link you to your identity on the website, or asking you to provide your password. On top of that, automated password recovery systems can be used in a few nefarious ways that we would rather not have to deal with. With this context in mind, NoBleme decided to not implement an automated account recovery process.

If you have lost access to your account (forgotten username, forgotten password, or otherwise), the only way to recover that access is to go on NoBleme's NoBleme's IRC chat server and ask for a website administrator to manually reset your account's password. No need to worry about identity usurpation, there is a strict process in place that will allow the administrator to verify your identity before doing the resetting.




Category: Copypasta

Content is categorized in order to keep this compendium organized, more on this in the category list.

Memes listed in this category are copypasta or emojipasta: they contain text which is meant to be copy/pasted and reused at will.

Content from this category

30-50 feral hogs

Page type: Meme

A bad faith take on gun control turns into a meme… but does the bad take have some hidden merit?


Page type: Meme

An indigestion in text form.

Just cut a cube around it

Page type: Meme

How would one extract a vagina from its host body? The answer might surprise you.

PIPI in your pampers

Page type: Drama

When chess trush talkings go too far, you better hope that liers will be kicked off...

The movement is too optimized at this point

Page type: Meme

A copypasta used in response to the ever increasing perfection of speedrunning.

Virgin, me?

Page type: Meme

A person's rather defensive reply to being called a virgin turned into a french copypasta.

Wall of text

Page type: Definition

A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, or even virtually all Internet communities.