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Page type: Meme
Era: Internet centralization
Category: Gallery
First appearance: April 2005
Peak popularity: May 2007

Absurdist memery

Every once in a while, you might run into a picture of someone holding a finger up in the air, with the caption "fgsfds". If you are looking for a hidden meaning, you will be disappointed: this older meme has none.

The original fgsfds
In early 2005, 4chan users were trying to spam messages until one of them would get an automatically assigned number ending in 000000. Eventually, someone achieved this goal with a message containing nothing but "fgsfds". This meaningless string of random characters is most likely the product of typing random letters on the left side of a QWERTY keyboard

Another 4chan user eventually used this now infamous text as a caption on a picture of edgy german TV host Harald Schmidt holding up his index finger, spawning the nonsensical meme we know nowadays. There are no sources to back up this story, but no reason to disbelieve it either.

Some people tried turning fgsfds into an initialism with the meaning "For God's Sake, Fuck 'Dis Shit", but the attempt didn't catch on, for obvious reasons.



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