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Hello, do you want to see my dick?

Page type: Meme
Era: Rise of social networks
Category: Francosphere
First appearance: January 2009

This page covers a topic which can be considered not safe for work

French television freewheeling

In January of 2009, the french television show Complément d'Enquête aired an investigation called "Ces ados qui nous échappent", in english "These teenagers over which we are losing control".

During this investigation, a reporter joins an Internet chat room under the nickname "Lolita13", making her seem like a young teenager. Soon enough, a user named "jonathan-du11" sends her the following private messages:

Screenshot of the chat messages.

jonathan-du11: cc
jonathan-du11: tu ve voir ma bite
jonathan-du11: ??

Which can roughly be translated to english in the following way:

jonathan-du11: hi
jonathan-du11: u wana c my dick
jonathan-du11: ??

Unexpectedly, while a screenshot of this conversation is shown on screen, the narrator is replaced by a man who asks in a deep, neutral, and oddly joyful voice the following question: "Coucou, tu veux voir ma bite?", which is french for "Hello, do you want to see my dick?".

Contrasting wildly with the serious and anxious tone of the investigation, this question instantly turned into a meme on the french Internet. Below is a video of the scene, the memorable phrase is pronounced at the end:

Following this investigation, jonathan-du11 was quickly found on Skyblog .

Exposed in his attempt to hit on an underaged person, he deleted his account out of shame[1].


Sources & Liens

[1] Coucou, tu veux voir ma bite ? on Spion, archived by the Wayback Machine .

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