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Dall-E generated memes

Page type: Meme
Era: The pandemic years
Category: Gallery
First appearance: January 2021
Peak popularity: June 2022

Artificial artistry

In the early 2020s, rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence led to the development of computer programs dedicated to transforming text prompts given to them by humans into images.

These programs look into a database of billions of images for content that matches the prompt, then try to create a new original image based on the content it found[1]. This process allows for the creation of never seen before graphical content without the requirement of knowing how to draw or modify images.

One such program, called Dall-E[2], was made public, which led to people realizing they could unleash their creativity and turn the wildest, most outlandish ideas into funny images[3]. A new meme format was born.



Sources & Links

[1] Dall-E 2 mini: what exactly is ‘AI-generated art’? How does it work? Will it replace human visual artists? by The Guardian.

[2] Dall-E on Wikipedia.

[3] Weird Dall-E on Reddit contains a lot more funny AI generated images.

[4] Dall-E mini lets you generate your own AI art, give it a try!

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