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Page type: Sociocultural entry

Pages are each given a type in order to keep this compendium organized, more on this in the page type list.

Society can sometimes be complicated to understand. With the rise of mass communications thanks to the Internet, the 21st century allowed a lot of previously little known groups to express themselves on large platforms. Some of them ask for empathy and understanding, while others preach fear and hate.

The 21st century compendium aims to demystify these sociocultural concepts by explaining them in simple terms, both the good and the bad, whether they belong to the oppressed or the oppressive, in order to explain their history, their meanings, their reach, and their real world consequences.

You can read more on the compendium's goals, why it chooses to document sociocultural topics, whether it has a political leaning, and other common questions in the mission statement Q&A.

Content of this type

Body shaming

Dismissing someone for their appearance can hurt more people than you'd think.

Brandolini's law

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it.


A social justice movement which fights for women's rights in order to strive for equality with men.


The social expectations that come with being a man, a woman, or other.

Overton window

A theory about delineating and manipulating political correctness.

Stochastic terrorism

When hate speech leads to violence.