Lost account access

As a part of its privacy policy, NoBleme will protect your anonymity as much as possible. This means that you will never be sent any emails that could be used to link you to your identity on the website, or asking you to provide your password. On top of that, automated password recovery systems can be used in a few nefarious ways that we would rather not have to deal with. With this context in mind, NoBleme decided to not implement an automated account recovery process.

If you have lost access to your account (forgotten username, forgotten password, or otherwise), the only way to recover that access is to go on NoBleme's NoBleme's IRC chat server and ask for a website administrator to manually reset your account's password. No need to worry about identity usurpation, there is a strict process in place that will allow the administrator to verify your identity before doing the resetting.




The stats update

Published Tuesday, August 23rd 2022 (A year ago)

A new major version of NoBleme has been released, adding various stats pages to the website.


Some pages now include a little pie chart icon to the right of their title (for example, the quote database). Clicking on it will lead you to a page containing a bunch of relevant statistics.

Have you ever wondered…

Bug squashing

With this update, most of the bugs reported since the 4.0.x update have been squashed.

Same with all the small missing features and quality of life improvements that were required to make the website usage experience as smooth as possible.

The To-do list is cleaner than it's ever been, which will allow me to use my coding time on more interesting things.


I am working on rewriting all the older content I had written a couple years ago in my previous attempt at documenting 21st century culture. Oddly enough, refactoring older content to make it fit in the new compendium takes more time than writing brand new content.

It should require another month to finish work on the 8 pages remaining to rewrite. Since you've already seen them before, I disabled Discord/IRC notifications for new compendium pages the past few weeks, and will turn them back on once I'm done.

Now that I have a proper feel of the effort required to create content, 30 to 60 new pages per year seems like a realistic goal. If I can get into that rhythm, there might be enough pages in about one to two years from now to call it the beginning of an actual encyclopedia.

Next major update

My current plans are for the next major update (4.4.x) to be focused on improving source code quality.

This means there's nothing new to get excited about on NoBleme in the coming months.

But there's a long term reason behind this, which you'll learn about in due time.

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