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Quote #318

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September 11th 2016 - Andreas moop
>> Raziel: Erm.
>> Raziel: So.
>> Raziel: There's gotta be a first time for everything in life right?
>> Naypam: Please Raziel.
>> Naypam: Continue.
>> moop: Oh boy Raziel.
>> moop: Just had sex the poor lad.
>> Raziel: Including having an irresistible shit while you're biking home to your hotel.
>> moop: Oh boy.
>> moop: That's no fun Raziel.
>> moop: What did you do?
>> Raziel: Like diarrhea level shit.
>> Naypam: I guess that riding the bike would open your arse a bit.
>> moop: Did you reach the hotel?
>> Raziel: Yes I just finished showering .
>> Raziel: Showering me and my clothes...
>> Raziel: :-(
>> moop: Aw :(
>> moop: But, like, were there casualties Raziel?
>> Raziel: I don't know.
>> moop: Well now you have a story Raziel.
>> Raziel: I even went to the toilet before leaving.
>> moop: Means you ate something bad.
>> Raziel: No shits were had then.
>> Raziel: At least i could move fast on a mostly empty bike road.
>> Raziel: And run up to my hotel room.
>> Raziel: This was a huge amount.
>> Raziel: Like
>> Raziel: I don't even want to describe.
>> Raziel: Seafood + alcohol
>> Raziel: Not good for me.
>> Raziel: But I swear I went on the toilet just before leaving!
>> Raziel: I took every precaution :-(
>> Naypam: Rofl Raziel
>> Naypam: Poor
>> ad13: Hah, disaster
>> Valacar: Wait so this was Raziel's first time he shat outdoors?
>> Raziel: I've shat outdoors before Valacar.
>> Raziel: But usually I pull down my pants and squat first.
>> Valacar: Oh wait you shat on the move?
>> moop: Ya Raziel
>> moop: Why didn't you stop the explosive diarrhea?
>> moop: Just find a cork.
>> moop: EZ
>> moop: Ok that's too mean.
>> moop: I'm sorry Raziel.
>> moop: Cheer up, it's all over now.
>> Valacar: pls moop it's too late for moopsies.
>> Raziel: I was on the bike, suddenly shit, panicked, biked back to hotel as fast as I could, ran to my room and showered while taking my clothes off.
>> moop: Poor bike.
>> Valacar: The critical question that begs for an answer is the volume of shit that got out.
>> Raziel: Did you expect me to measure the volume?
>> ad13: Well, feel free to use a freeform scale.
>> Raziel: My shirt got stained, that should tell you enough.
>> ad13: roflllllllllllllllll HOW? HOW???
>> Valacar: So thats quite bad.
>> Raziel: I dunno man.
>> Raziel: Squeezed upwards by the bike seat?