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Quote #363

July 12nd 2019 - Bad Exirel
>> Bad: This genius.
>> Bad: Trying to fix a headphone issue...
>> Bad: First result is a video.
>> Bad: No subtitles.
>> Bad: Just a guy speaking.
>> Bad: In a video about sound not working.
>> Exirel: Bad: 10/10
>> Bad: My problem is such a typical laptop problem too...
>> Bad: Connect an audio device through bluetooth.
>> Bad: Disconnect it.
>> Bad: No other speakers get recognized.
>> Bad: Ever again.
>> Bad: Fuckin laptops.
>> Exirel: Oh yeah, that is very annoying.
>> Exirel: I have 0 problem with my headset, my marshall audio station, when I use my phone.
>> Exirel: And I can also use my phone with either of these with my home sound system, no problem.
>> Exirel: But if I dare to connect my headset to my laptop, I'm screwed.
>> Exirel: I have to re-assign my headset to my phone after that.
>> Exirel: Fucking laptop.
>> Bad: LMAO
>> Bad: When I press the fucking test sound button.
>> Bad: It does a sound test in my headphones.
>> Bad: But sound still comes out of the computer's built-in speakers when I try to play music.
>> Exirel: lol
>> Bad: Fuckin laptops I swear.
>> Exirel: Windows ?
>> Bad: 10
>> Bad: Yeah I'm rage-speedrunning through all of the settings right now.
>> Bad: Eventually, some mild change might fix everything.
>> Exirel: I know you can have multiple audio output.
>> Exirel: And you can have different default for different type of audio.
>> Exirel: There should be one that tell "cut this one when headset is on" or something.
>> Bad: But there's literally only 1 audio device according to windows.
>> Bad: OK, actually fixed it.
>> Bad: Here's what I did:
>> Bad: I have no idea.
>> Bad: Strong story.
>> Exirel: :D
>> Bad: Fuckin laptop issues, man.
>> Exirel: I can totally relate to that.
>> Exirel: btw my laptop issues are with Linux, never tried with Windows :D
>> Bad: This shit literally only happens on laptops.
>> Exirel: I know right.
>> Exirel: So annoying.
>> Bad: Don't even get me started on linux laptops and sound cards...
>> Bad: I could rant for a day.
>> Exirel: I had 0 problem with wired audio for the last 6 years, with 4 different linux laptops.
>> Exirel: But bluetooth is just hell.
>> Bad: Bluetooth is great.
>> Bad: You turn it on.
>> Bad: Nothing works anymore.
>> Exirel: :D
>> Bad: Your wired mouse freezes.
>> Bad: The built-in keyboard switches to a different layout.
>> Bad: Computer reboots and now you have Windows 95 installed.
>> Bad: Actual bluetooth linux laptop experience.
>> Bad: Not exaggerated.
>> Exirel: :D
>> Bad: One time I listed audio devices on a linux laptop and the computer disappeared.
>> Bad: Found it 3 years later when I wandered the shadow realm looking for cash that I had lost in my couch.
>> Bad: Actual story.
>> Bad: Worst experience though is, on a windows laptop, I plugged in a microphone once.
>> Bad: A voice coming from inside the computer said « Fuck » out loud, then it turned itself off.
>> Bad: Never been able to boot it since.
>> Bad: Think it bricked itself on purpose.
>> Bad: Unsure.
>> Bad: I confess: I made up a part of this whole story.
>> Bad: The part where I implied it's possible to turn on bluetooth on a linux laptop.
>> Bad: Is just stays off whatever you try.