Lost account access

As a part of its privacy policy, NoBleme will protect your anonymity as much as possible. This means that you will never be sent any emails that could be used to link you to your identity on the website, or asking you to provide your password. On top of that, automated password recovery systems can be used in a few nefarious ways that we would rather not have to deal with. With this context in mind, NoBleme decided to not implement an automated account recovery process.

If you have lost access to your account (forgotten username, forgotten password, or otherwise), the only way to recover that access is to go on NoBleme's NoBleme's IRC chat server and ask for a website administrator to manually reset your account's password. No need to worry about identity usurpation, there is a strict process in place that will allow the administrator to verify your identity before doing the resetting.




Migration complete

Published Thursday, April 21th 2022 (2 years ago)

As discussed in the previous devblog, NoBleme has moved to a new server.

Unexpected events made the migration a bit more complicated than expected, but it is over now.

Does this change anything?

On the website, it will make pages load faster than before, but you probably won't notice the difference.

On IRC, it allows us to make use of IRCv3 features, which means that if your IRC client supports IRCv3, you will see a few new features.

On the administrative end of things, it comes with a massive amount of relief to finally be forever done with the previous server and all its complications.

Do I have to do anything?

As a website user, no.

As an IRC user, yes. Upgrading from an extremely old IRC server to a brand new one was too big a leap. I had to install the new one from scratch, which means that you will need to once again register your nickname.

Is the migration 100% over?

There are two minor issues left to fix.

The first one is the behavior of the SSL/TLS port on IRC. Some clients such as irssi might not be able to connect to NoBleme's IRC server using port 6697. Please use port 6667 in the meantime, I will do my best to investigate and solve this issue ASAP.

The second one is NoBleme's IRC bot, which is currently broken. Until I repair it, updates from the website will not be broadcast on IRC. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on Discord.

Other than those two issues, the migration is over. We can resume our previous activity.

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