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Era: Mainstream era

This page is about a cultural era, an arbitrary way to separate meme history into time periods.

This cultural era began around 2012 and ended around 2015.
Previous cultural era: Rise of social networks
Next cultural era: Dank memes

As the Internet became more and more popular, and as businesses and politicians finally realized how useful viral content could be, they started massively adopting the Internet and making memes of their own. In the process, any remaining difference between mainstream culture and the early Internet's culture soon disappeared, one merging into the other.

Most people had now become aware of the existence and meaning of the word "meme", and started making their own memes and sharing them to the masses all over social networks. This new trend seemed innocent enough at the time, but it was silently in the process of being co-opted as a political weapon, paving the way for the culture wars that were soon to follow.

Content from this era


Page type: Meme
Appeared: September 2012
Peak popularity: May 2017

- What else would you have if you knew about Ah?
- Well, for a start, we'd have a shack.

World is a fuck

Page type: Meme
Appeared: July 2014
Peak popularity: July 2016

A shirt featuring a cute cat and an adorable dog. Surely, nothing strange could be written on it…